• Welcome to bitFit!

    We help you optimize your technology infrastructure assets so you can focus on innovation and growth.

  • Magical Interface

    Simple and intuitive platform that people actually enjoy using. No special training required.

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  • Experts Included

    Not only does the platform enable you access and visualize vast mountains of data, when combine with our professional services staffed with industry experts, we can together build a plan to drive technology costs down so you can focus on innovating.

  • What is bitFit?

    Platform, Solution, Success Delivered. bitFit is a uniquely positioned innovation platform that enables you to drive down technology costs and enables your team to focus on innovation and growth.

    • tech-Infra

      Technology Infrastructure

      bitFit enables you to easily manage your technology infrastructure with highly intuitive interfaces and access to rich data in real-time.

    • big-data

      Big Data Visualization

      We aggregate and process data streams so you can gain new insights and see new dimensions on how to maximize your investment. 

    • clouds

      Many Clouds

      Public, Private, Hybrid, moving to the cloud or away to your own in-house solution…our platform has your essentials covered.

  • Rock your Role

    bitFit gives your organization the tools and analytics they need to work smarter and be more strategic.

    • Operations

      Get full visibility and control over all your technology assets and projects.

    • Executives

      Get real-time access to make better and faster business decisions.

    • Finance

      Get out of spreadsheets and get control of your spend.

    • Procurement

      Full visibility and control of purchase contracts.

  • Team bitFit

    • Alex

      Head instigator. 15 years infrastructure operations at big companies and startups. Passionate about Tennis (Level 5).

    • Faisal

      Head of Sales. 12+ years of achieving breakout success in the technology infrastructure business. Loves life and family.

    • Mark

      Product and Marketing. Two decades of creating software and hardware innovations. Born on a plane and loves flying.

    • Micheal

      Dev Ops.

    • Alexey

      Lead Developer.

    • Dmytro


    • George

      Backend Developer.

    • Anna

      UI Developer.

    • Yuri

      UI Developer.

    • Anton


    • You!

      Insane visionary engineers wanted.

    • Andre


  • bitFit Corporate Office

    Located in the center of the Silicon Valley.

    4677 Old Ironsides Dr Ste. #350 Santa Clara, CA