• Welcome to bitFit!

    We help you optimize your technology infrastructure assets so you can focus on innovation and growth.

  • bit definition
    When we think of bits, we think of all the foundational elements that makes up your business, infrastructure, product, project, you name it.

    Information about these bits are scattered all around in countless places, spaces, heads and clouds. All disconnected from each other making it nearly impossible to make intelligent decisions.
  • bF not only enables you to centralize these bits into a common structure, but to fit them together so you can see the big picture instantly.

    Say good bye to the old tedious way of gathering and maintaining business intelligence, say hello to instant intelligence on-demand.
  • Discover things you didn't know existed by naturally navigating to them from things you already know about.

    bF unleashes the potential of all the data that is locked away in legacy databases and applications, delivering on the promises that those other tools made.
  • Increasing Organizational IQ

    While other Business Intelligence and Big Data tools take a bottoms up approach by focusing on discovering facts at the deepest level of your company by scanning mountains of log data looking for needles in the haystack. bF is the first and only platform that takes the top down approach by focusing on the top 1% of data that drives 90% of the decisions and value. Providing your entire organization transformative intelligence that is very easy to understand and use.
  • Collaboration

    bF brings true business collaboration with its ability to intelligently integrate people, machines and assets together so everyone is on the same page.

    Business and Technical Intelligence normally lost on an email servers or in chat logs is now easily found and shared with everyone. Ensuring everyone is on the same page and never wasting time with email again.
  • Snap-in Apps

    bF has numerous apps that can replace legacy applications that were designed generations ago with modern easy to use applications that are intended to grow the organizational IQ, not lock away valuable information in poorly structured data stores that people hate using.
  • bitFit Mission

    We are on the mission of making your working life, simple, easy and more productive. bF has been transforming numerous companies and we are getting those stories ready to share, check back with us soon.