Our platform solves multiple needs across the various departments with your technology operations.

Gary Ward
Fred Sato
John Turner

IT Operations

We provide unprecedented visibility in your Network, Servers, Storage, Data Center, Cloud infrastructure with seamless integration to all your individual system tools and probes. Bringing together all this data to make better decisions.

Employee Services

Make your entire employee desktop, mobile and telecom operations a breeze. Pre-allocate machines, monitor status, run refresh program and more. We provide the simplest and most effective solution to operate your employee technology team.


Automate the procurement and delivery of all those high volume, low cost items that you need to keep the lights going. We enable lights-out inventory management and procurement that integrates with your existing procurement solutions.

Christina Phillips

Lab Engineering

With so many device platforms to develop and test against, it is critical for your engineering operations to have all these devices close at hand. We make lab engineering simple and easy to track.

Harold Edwards


Planning out massive technology budgets is not easy. Having visibility into where invests are being made, understanding utilization and costs enables better decisions. We provide that visibility.

Carlos Ojeda

Customer Support

Customers are having issues, instantly identifying and replicate issues with having the same exact device while your support agent is on the phone. Close issues faster, make customers happier.


Business Owner

For the business owner, finally you can see everything that it takes to run your business. Understand availability, consumption, costs and forecasts all in one place. Be instantly notified of any potential service issues with your environment.  So much transparency that you have been asking for, for the first time in one place.