We have helped hundreds of companies improve their technology infrastructure operations.


bitFit is used across Netflix in so many areas of their operations. From stream, to DVD rentals, desktop services, engineering labs, customer support labs, film production, procurement and more. bitFit is bringing stability to their rapidly changing, high dynamic environment. automating mundane tasks so they can focus on innovation.

One of the largest photo printing companies on earth also has one of the largest and most cost efficient storage systems in the world. Maintaining a world class infrastructure that operates at levels that outperforms the best public cloud environment while maintaining the  significantly cost advantage takes an entirely new level of operation efficiency.

GreenDot is one of the leaders in pre-paid cards in the North America, which means it is one of the most targeted. bitFit helps GreenDot and many other financial companies manage technology and operational risk. Having all the little details enables smart decisions that prevents financial risk.