Operational Efficiency begins with a framework that pulls your entire business operations into one place. 


Our platform works by aggregating existing information from multiple tools, data sources and vendors from across your technology operations. Connecting all these disparate sources of knowledge into our advanced meta-data engine so you have a single place to find all your operational information. But unlike dashboarding tools, the magic only begins from here.


We go beyond aggregating data to enable you to build process, workflows on top of all this data. Giving your teams the ability not only analyze, but build plans and to take real, measurable actions across multiple tools in one button push. Behind the scenes we connect to multiple systems to facilitate the work. We call this super orchestration. Let us show you how.


This higher level of integration combined to lower level operational data and processes is something unseen in the market. It enables a new level of financial visibility to your technology operations. Now that we connect the dots across multiple layers of your technology stack as we can understand the true cost of your technology operations. Look horizontal across how your various technology stacks compare to each other. Make informed decisions and take action.


What you get is a series of easy to understand tables and graphs based on real-time data. It does not require endless hours of data wrangling by your team. And by having this data represented, it makes it is easy to interpret and respond.


This is only the beginning of the capabilities of bitFit. Get in touch with us to schedule a deeper demo into all the capabilities of this new generation of technology business operations platform.